Tulle Time ~ Cardigan Love

It was only a matter of time.

(image via fairycandles)

If I was a lady in the 1950s, I would wear cropped cardigans and tulle tea skirts all the time, for dinner dances or just sipping a Martini on the porch.


Charity Shop Finds May

Bad blogger, I've had a week off to finish all my uni work (I finished my degree, woo!) and then some time for catching up on sleep. As soon as I let my body relax a bit, I pick up a throat infection. Not fair :(

I've only had the briefest of brief looks so far this month, I took two pals to the Royal Mile shops, and although they didn't find anything special, I was lucky and found a cute flared skirt by Limited Collection at M&S (£7).
(styled with navy, apologies for the rubbish photo, the reluctant photographer is busy)

It's the oddest material, a bit like a waterproof jacket, but I just loved the detail on the button-up front. 
I'm not entirely sure what to wear with it, I was thinking just a plain white tee as a distant homage to Jil Sander SS'11:
But it would be nice to do something more adventurous. Black seems a little easy, so I'm thinking of other colours which would pop off the pink, rather than having a single accent colour:
C x




I found a really good offer online through random stumbling to get 2 pairs of sunglasses for $20 and get free shipping (or 5 dollars off shipping outside US) at 80s Purple using the voucher code 'eyesonus'.

I've been after a pair of vintage-style Wayfarers for ages, but Primark's versions were too small for my face (who knew I had a fat face??) and most high street shops were charging a ridiculous £15-20 a pair!
I thought the pink pair would be more icy-pink than candy pink, but they're still cute, although I prefer the black pair. I really just wanted a pair with translucent frames and coloured arms.
(I suck at posing.)
In the end, the two pairs and the tiny fraction of US shipping beyond $5 cost me only £12.72. Bargain.

Wayfarers: Marilyn, John Slattery, Kirsten Dunst

C x


Cardigan Love

Last week of dissertation fever, so haven't had a chance to get out and hunt the charity shops. Did indulge in a few too many catalogs though, and spotted some good styling tips for cardigans:
Boden V-Neck Cashmere Cardigan - I charitised my one and only v-neck cardigan thinking it didn't go with anything. I like how this is styled open over a different neckline, and the jewel details stops it being frumpy.

Boden - the same cardigan, styled with silver. I love pink and silver together (except on trashy people).

Another v-neck cardigan, this time by NW3 at Hobbs and styled with an open peter-pan collar. How TRENDY are those these days, right? 

Whistles cable knit cardigan. This is divine. It looks like a little Chanel-style jacket from a distance but up close is a thick, cosy cardi. $$$ :(

Kettlewell long cascade wrap - I personally think I'm too short to pull off these gorgeous cascade cardigans that are so à la mode. The pairing with the grape palazzo pants is like something straight out of Gucci SS'11, you think? 

And this I just spotted on weheartit.com. I think this gorgeous little cardi could be DIY'd fairly easily...

...which brings me to my next order of business, I am going to attempt my own DIY clothing the week after next, using finds from charity shops. Very exciting!

C x


Cardigan Love

Bleh, I wasn't big on the whole royal wedding thing (I spent the day quietly working on my dissertation), but when I spotted the photos of the dress I had to pick up on something.

It would appear the Duchess of Cambridge is a fellow cardigan girl:

I think the whole outfit is beautiful, she looks like a princess, but I do wonder about the mohair cardigan-do you think she roasted in it? I used to have a pale blue mohair cardigan and it would boil me alive everytime I wore it indoors. Let's presume she took it off once the party started. Anyway, I wonder if mohair cardigans will have a 'moment' after this (I really hope not, they shed everywhere!)

I will set myself a mission to find some bargain mohair cardigans to post about.

C x