I found a really good offer online through random stumbling to get 2 pairs of sunglasses for $20 and get free shipping (or 5 dollars off shipping outside US) at 80s Purple using the voucher code 'eyesonus'.

I've been after a pair of vintage-style Wayfarers for ages, but Primark's versions were too small for my face (who knew I had a fat face??) and most high street shops were charging a ridiculous £15-20 a pair!
I thought the pink pair would be more icy-pink than candy pink, but they're still cute, although I prefer the black pair. I really just wanted a pair with translucent frames and coloured arms.
(I suck at posing.)
In the end, the two pairs and the tiny fraction of US shipping beyond $5 cost me only £12.72. Bargain.

Wayfarers: Marilyn, John Slattery, Kirsten Dunst

C x


  1. Hello hello :) I wanted to ask if you could recommend any good charity shops in Edinburgh? I'm planning to come through for a rummage & thought you might know a few good places

    Lauren x

  2. Hey Lauren,

    Deffo. There's two key places to visit - Morningside and Stockbridge. They're the two most affluent areas in Edinburgh and get lots of incredible 'classic' pieces, though a touch more expensive than other charity shops. The couple on the Royal Mile get fantastic donations from tourists staying at the nearby hotels, and the long stretch of charity shops down Nicholson St/South Clerk St usually have a few wee gems to pick up, but there's more poor quality high street stuff to sort through.

    If you're looking for home things as well, pretty much any of the Bethany Christian Trust charity shops usually have superb stock, but I particularly like the one at Sciennes (Summerhall Place) or Stockbridge (Hamilton Place).

    Hope you find something awesome, let me know how it goes!x