Inspiration: Twin Peaks

I've just finished watching the first series of Twin Peaks, how good is old TV?? I love Sherilyn Fenn's character Audrey, she's exactly the type of femme fatale lacking from current telly. Her outfits are particularly fab - close fit sweaters and plaid skirts with a perfectly permed bob - so 50s for the early 90s.

Audrey Horne

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Tulle Time

I love when tulle isn't a powdery or icy colour - the material is already so feminine, it's great to see it in some stronger colours.


Colour Analaysis: Turquoise

Behold, someone who really pulls off turquoise without looking a bit Costa del Sol:

Beautiful buttons on the lace back - these really make the dress. I think warm skin is really set off by turquoise, bluey-pales tend to look a bit cyanotic unless the shade is less yellow/green. 

  •  Winters like Lucy Hale (et moi) suit pure, Lagoon blue shades:

  • Springs look super in the natural turquoise stone colour -Rihanna is not a Spring but it's a good example of the right shade:
There's more yellow in the shade, and it's much warmer than Lucy Hale's .

  • Autumns need to find rich shades - there isn't strictly speaking a 'rich turquoise' - it's a bit closer to warm teal.

  • Summers get the most variety with turquoise - anything from a pastel turquoise to a teal/turquoise crossover. Summers look best in a variety of shades all worn together., or shimmering to soften the colour like Ellie Kemper

Turquoise for Colour Personalities

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'The French Cat' and 'The French Dog' by Rachael Hale. Design*Sponge just featured these on their website recently and they look like perfect coffee table books to flick through when you really should be studying.

Gingham shorts for the summer

Red ankle grazing jeans

Pantone Fall '12 Colour Trends - I LOVE the Titanium and Olympian Blue together. I have this pattern by Very Easy Vogue: 
- which would look amazing in a Ikat print combining the two colours.

Gorgeous terranium ($295) - Remember that TV show - The Crystal Maze?

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