Charity Shop Finds April

After my last exam of the degree, my friend and I rewarded ourself with a quick shopping trip. We were unimpressed with the high street, so decided to pop into a couple of charity shops to save pennies. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I discovered a Thakoon for Target dress (S/S08) - which was only available in the US - at the Royal Mile PDSA (apparently left by American tourists when their suitcases were too full). 

It's very neat, with gorgeous little pleat details running on the back on front panels. It buttons up the front, so could be worn open as a summer coat, but I rather like it as a smart dress for Spring. It was £35, which is much, much more than I would ever think to spend on a dress from a charity shop, but it looked barely worn and I had a quick check on Ebay - Buy It Now between £50-75 (plus US shipping), so I still consider it a bargain [sense the futile justification].

I also spotted this pure wool purple skirt by Avoca (Google informs me it's an Irish woolen mill company) in the Nicholson Street Marie Curie Cancer Care for £4. It could do with being taken in a bit, but I might leave that until Autumn in case I put on some insulatory winter pounds by then!

C x


  1. good work! Bank balance be damned...

  2. So true, I feel as though I'm not being naughty by buying from a charity shop, yet in the end I spend the same amount of money anyway! Still, more for your pennies :)