Vintage Inspiration: It's A Wonderful Life

Vintage Inspiration: It's A Wonderful Life

The black Oasis dress is still available on sale for £30 online. Doesn't the tweed overcoat look so cosy? I've seen quite a few like them in charity shops going for very reasonable prices (especially in the Morningside and Bruntsfield areas). And you could pick up a club tie in just about any charity shop you walk into. Your man could look like James Stewart too!

C x


Style Inspiration: Last Night

I watched this a wee while ago, and had mostly forgotten about it until I saw a photograph of Keira Knightley which reminded me of how stunning she looked in this film. I'm not a KK fan, and I thought 'Last Night' was beautifully shot (by Peter Deming, Mulholland Drive) but not really saying what is was trying to say particularly well, but she was styled divinely throughout the film (by Ann Roth, Cold Mountain) in gorgeous classic pieces:
The 'Night' is spent in a beautiful cashnere camel coat and royal navy silk dress (which I wish I could identify!)

I also liked her casual outfit, the oversized grey cardigan in particular.

So all in all, not a film to put high on your 'to-watch' list but it is worth a flick through to see some impeccable styling, and some of the locations used were terribly stylish too - when is a film set in New York not?

C x


Recommended - Design*Sponge at Home

I had a voucher for Amazon and I had had my eye on this for a while, alas not turning up in any of my favourite charity bookshops (there's a reason - it's awesome and you would never, ever donate it) so I spent it! Ooooh, spending free money feels good.

But back to the book - it's filled with DIY ideas, and inspirational homes, many of which are teeny tiny like mine and having to be furnished on microbudgets. It's fun just to flick through out of nosiness, or if you're seriously looking for cheap ways to spruce up the flat (without needing to be a regular DIY/arty fart), and I kinda just like having it sitting on my coffee table. Makes me look all grown-up and stuff. 

C x


House of Colour Make-Up Sale

I do love a good sale. I treated myself to an early Christmas present at the House of Colour Make-Up sale. Got myself 3 lovely nail varnishes in various Winter shades, and a white mineral eye shadow for post-exam parties (I forgot to include it in the picture).

I got Shocking Pink, Deep Fuschia and Burgundy, all super-cool Winter tones.

Check out the sale yourself here: www.houseofcolour.co.uk/hocshop/pages/sale (I'm not sponsored to advertise or anything, I just really like their products for the huge range of colours!).

C x



I am eternally grateful to my Mum who knitted me some socks for my recent birthday. The temperature dropped to 0 degrees today in Scotland, and these came in most handy, as did my two jumpers, fleece lined leggings, woolly slippers and cashmere gloves. Oh, and I stayed indoors all day.

C x