Santa Baby

Dear Santa,

It's not too late, y'know. Here's a few ideas with less expensive versions:
 Tiffany Bows Ring - £1,250 (Tiffany)

Ribbon Bow Ring - approx £35.88 (LichenAndLychee on Etsy) 

Polka-dot Dress - £676.23 (Dolce&Gabbana)

 Vintage Dress - approx. £23.92 (The Vintage Studio on Etsy)

Mary-Janes - £325 (Vanessa Bruno)
Mary-Janes - approx. £50.87 (Killah)

Merry Christmas, C x


Christmas Card

I just spotted the First Minister for Scotland's official Christmas card, designed by Jack Vettriano, and had to share it with you all:

First Minister’s 2010 Christmas card

Look at that fabulous outfit! I approve. 



Had to quickly share my love and excitement over the new Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall collection (via tomandlorenzo). Bright colours and grey! Bows for belts! Cropped jackets and princess coats!

(except yucky turquoise on the end there, but the style is fab)

My favourite was this one:
I might have worn a different belt, maybe in cobalt or emerald green (not a fan of yellow), but overall I think this is stunning. The slash neck emphasises shoulder width so a hippy girl like me would look more hourglass and well-proportioned. I also love her platinum hair. Mwah!


Pantone announced their colour of 2011:
I LOVE this colour. It's so cheery but it's also a hard enough pink that I wouldn't call it 'girly'. I may just have to buy the mug. Last year, they used that ghastly blah turquoise:
Which you can probably guess, I am really not too fond of. It reminds me of school toilets and windowless ferry cabins. Both of which have connotations of vomit. Lots of it.

So I'll buy the mug and then I'll make a cute tea dress in that very colour. And how will I make that tea dress? Well, with my brand new SEWING MACHINE.

In case you didn't know what one looked like. Best birthday present ever. 

It was my 21st, and despite being snowed in, it was the best birthday ever. Want to see the dress I wore? Of course you do:

Miss Selfridge, on sale for £30. It has a tulle underskirt, which keeps it nice and pouffy. I did my hair up in a 60s beehive and wore black opaques and black heels, since it was snowing. See the pink in the flowers and leaves? Pantone 18-2120. Trendy.

If you were looking for something to click on, try this: www.latestinbeauty.com
You can pick 3 free sample products every month, and you pay £1 via your mobile phone to cover postage. There are some crappy products (like a perfumed wipe) that I wouldn't bother with, but you can get sample microdermabrasion kits, perfume in teeny black vials and men's products too. I'll let you know whether it's worth it when I get my first box.

C x