Colour Analaysis: Turquoise

Behold, someone who really pulls off turquoise without looking a bit Costa del Sol:

Beautiful buttons on the lace back - these really make the dress. I think warm skin is really set off by turquoise, bluey-pales tend to look a bit cyanotic unless the shade is less yellow/green. 

  •  Winters like Lucy Hale (et moi) suit pure, Lagoon blue shades:

  • Springs look super in the natural turquoise stone colour -Rihanna is not a Spring but it's a good example of the right shade:
There's more yellow in the shade, and it's much warmer than Lucy Hale's .

  • Autumns need to find rich shades - there isn't strictly speaking a 'rich turquoise' - it's a bit closer to warm teal.

  • Summers get the most variety with turquoise - anything from a pastel turquoise to a teal/turquoise crossover. Summers look best in a variety of shades all worn together., or shimmering to soften the colour like Ellie Kemper

Turquoise for Colour Personalities

C x

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