Things to do when funds run low

The job hunt has thus far been unsuccessful. After a week of doing nothing (television and video games eventually becomes rather depressing), I decided to get myself into gear and find things to keep myself occupied. Unfortunately, many activities to keep oneself occupied with cost money. So I'm getting creative with my solutions:

  • Volunteer - I just started volunteering in a brilliant charity shop. Not only does it take up some free time, I am surrounded by gorgeous clothes, get to meet interesting new people, and gain some all important work experience (because apparently 2 years isn't enough...).
  • Read - it's free entertainment, as long as you already have some books that need read (if not, borrow from relatives/friends/neighbours). Going to the cinema costs ~£15 and the experience lasts 2 hours. Picking up a book at a charity shop costs as little as £1, and you're reading too quickly if you finish in under 8 hours. 
  • Write - a blog, stubborn e-mails you never got around to, handwritten letters to distant friends (okay, you have to pay postage), inspiring lists of activities you can do for free (depending on what you already own, e.g. camping equipment, bicycle, musical instrument, sewing machine etc)
  • Walk - takes up time, is free exercise, and a walk in bad weather will toughen you up a bit, weakling.
  • Edit surroundings - wardrobe clearout, kitchen cupboard clearout, book clearout, music clearout, filing clearout, and any other cupboards or drawers that need a good clearout. 
  • Organise your life - having done bullet point #5, seek to sort contents of cupboard/shelf/wardrobe in a way that maximises tidiness and space while minimising the need to hunt for things. Everyone has their own way, but I find putting things into containers and labelling them works for me. If you don't have containers, you don't necessarily need to buy them. I raided my recycling box for some nice free containers to sort my makeup out:

I haven't had to think beyond this list yet, part of me hopes I don't have to but it's a fun challenge to find things to do! 

If, on the other hand, you do have funds, then you should check out Capability Scotland in Stockbridge, currently having an incredible 'George Street In Charity Shop' rail, with the likes of Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Hugo Boss, Christian Louboutin , Alexander McQueen and other jaw-droppers, some with tags still on, going for between £10-100 quid (McQueen shoes, size 4, £75!). I managed to resist, but my boyfriend was almost tempted by a Hugo Boss Merino wool pullover, going for a thrifty £10. No word on whether this is a one-off or is going to be a regular thing (I believe Harvey Nichols may have had some involvement), I'll try to give some notice the next time a special event is scheduled.

C x


  1. Even cheaper for reading, the library! It's free to reserve books too. When we were living in Edinburgh, it was quite rare that they didn't have the novels on my list of things to read.

    Loving the sound of the George Street rail though!

  2. Of course, how silly to have left it out, I just got my library card last month so I need to put it to good use! Thanks Katherine xxx

  3. The various galleries and national museum on Chambers Street usually have free stuff on to look at, as does The Museum of Childhood which has some terrifying old dolls and stuff. Good for a daunder..