What do you give to someone who already has everything? I am faced with the problem of buying a 'thank-you' present for a couple who are quite sophisticated (so no cutesy knitted nonsense that I usually go for), already own very fine wine, probably wouldn't appreciate chocolates, and live quite far away so hauling a bouquet of flowers isn't really an option.

As I trawled the internet, I came across some amazing presents. Alas, I've still not found the right thing, but here's some a few ideas:

Whisky Stones I enjoy a wee dram now and again, but I hate it when the barman puts ice in it. It dilutes the flavour of the whisky and if you're drinking something quite smokey, such as an Islay malts, you can lose those tastes that make a particular malt so distinctive. These are a great idea for keeping your drink cool, but they don't alter the flavour, nor do they absorb any to ruin your next glass.

tree2mydoor can send any of their young trees anywhere in the UK in lovely jute bags with a cute card attached. I particularly like Rowan trees - Scottish myth has it that they will protect your house from evil beasties and witchcraft. The Gaelic for rowan is Caorunn, isn't that lovely? I think I want to send myself one...

I'm not sure why I like these porcelain keys so much but they they would look really dainty hanging off a fresh branch in a vase.

Okay, I'm slightly obsessed with the Pantone mugs, and have considered accidentally dropping  my current mugs so I have an excuse to buy some lovely Pantone mugs. But little did I know you can get just about everything else in your favourite Pantone colours! I thought these tea towels would be quite nice as a present for someone who likes to cook, or who has a husband (giggles).

This doorstop is a bit of an unusual thing to give as a present, but I think it would look good just about anywhere, and in any decor. You know what, I'm rubbish at buying gifts because the only things I like, I end up wanting for myself. How greedy.


  1. you cannot go wrong with baked goods. i'm not sure how you would send stuff but this is seriously the perfect brownie recipe: http://www.recipezaar.com/recipe/-Whatever-Floats-Your-Boat-Brownies-32204
    and this seriously makes the cutest sugar-cookies (the recipe for the icing makes this really awesome shiny icing too) http://craftydaisies.com/2007/02/13/sweets-for-your-sweetie/

    i have no idea if you bake or even if it's appropriate, but if nothing else, bake yourself brownies :O

  2. Oooh, good idea. Well they've got to survive an overnight bus to London, but I could wrap them up and put them in a tin. Yumm...