Scarf knitting

Spent my Saturday knitting, I had forgotten how easy it was to pass time with.

It was a super simple scarf to do, using moss stitch (knit one, purl one). I used 1 hank of gorgeous Colinette Giotto wool (rayon/cotton mix), using 8mm needles. It's supposed to be 21 stitches wide but I lost a bit of tension occasionally which made it a little wobbly. Seems to blend in with the textured wool though. I didn't bother with tassles or anything but I'm considering sewing the two ends together to make a snood...?

Probably the last Saturday of this year with enough free time to do the whole thing, but I am offering my services to friends if they want a simple Winter scarf, free of charge (except paying for the hanks - £6.95 for one Giotto hank). 

Love x

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