Charity Shop Finds May

Bad blogger, I've had a week off to finish all my uni work (I finished my degree, woo!) and then some time for catching up on sleep. As soon as I let my body relax a bit, I pick up a throat infection. Not fair :(

I've only had the briefest of brief looks so far this month, I took two pals to the Royal Mile shops, and although they didn't find anything special, I was lucky and found a cute flared skirt by Limited Collection at M&S (£7).
(styled with navy, apologies for the rubbish photo, the reluctant photographer is busy)

It's the oddest material, a bit like a waterproof jacket, but I just loved the detail on the button-up front. 
I'm not entirely sure what to wear with it, I was thinking just a plain white tee as a distant homage to Jil Sander SS'11:
But it would be nice to do something more adventurous. Black seems a little easy, so I'm thinking of other colours which would pop off the pink, rather than having a single accent colour:
C x



  1. Ooo it's so gorgeous, Cat! suits u very well :)

  2. so pretty - i love the colour!