Banana Republic do Mad Men

Remember how much I have loved finding Banana Republic in the charity shops, like here and here? In the UK, they have 5 shops in London and one in Bath, so it feels like finding treasure when I spot something by BR here in Scotland. I doubt I will ever pay full price, despite the high quality, because the prices are a bit beyond a student budget. However, they've announced a collaboration with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, and it's really making me wish I had lots of money: 
The right hand picture isn't far off what cardigan girls like to wear currently. And that trench is just awesome.
Houndstooth and pearls, headscarf and tweed suit! 
The gentleman's collection is equally gorgeous. I love that shawl collar cardigan.
And hats! I also love that those heels look like they could actually be walked in.

(Images from NYMag.com)

C x


  1. I do love 50s silhouettes, but indeed, Banana Republic is out of my price range too! Have you been watching The Hour on the BBC? It's been described as 'the British Mad men' and the costumes are rather delectable - the female lead wears a Burberry-esque mac cinched in and it looks SO stylish!

  2. No, I keep meaning to watch it though, so you recommend it? I'm also really looking forward to Pan Am, it's all about air stewardesses in the 1960s and the promo pictures look fab!

  3. Definitely - a decent script, very quick and witty, a fantastic cast and of course, amazing costumes. I'd go on i player and watch the fist two back before you watch the third one (which is on tonight) though as otherwise you probably won't know what's going on! And yes I LOVED the Grace Kelly exhibition - she led such a glamorous life and it was so interesting to find out all about her acting and her charity wok as well.