To Buy or Not To Buy?

I am considering buying myself a posh leather satchel as a graduation present to myself. I've probably already justified countless things in the last few months with this excuse, but this is something that I really can't afford off the bat, and would need to save now for, or require a howk into savings.

I really love the ones by the Cambridge Satchel Company, they're a lot less expensive than other companies and they can emboss the satchel too...I love it in red (15" = £84), but then I think about how often I wear blue, and how the only blue I like with this tomato red is navy or dark cobalt:

Top: Red with deep navy
Bottom: Red with Dark Cobalt, the only blues I would wear with this shade of red.

So perhaps to get maximum wear out of it, I should pick something more neutral. I can't buy black or navy bags, because inevitably I want to wear it with the other in an outfit. While I have no problem wearing black and navy together (as long as it's a deep navy like the one above, verging on black), I know not everyone else feels the same way (certain friends who tell me off for it). 

Top: Good black and navy combo
Bottom: Less good black and navy - the navy is too soft, and looks a bit cheap next to black.

Somehow, red feels like the only bright colour that could still come off 'professional' enough for the 2nd degree it looks as though I'm probably going to embark on (the purple, pink, green and yellow versions seem too casual, and I don't wear brown, leaving only black and navy anyway).

Or should I hold off and find a colour I'm completely sure about? Spending that much money on myself should probably mean getting a colour that can go with just about everything:
Purple/indigo, burgundy, plum or dark green might be more professional...

C x

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