Janet Leigh

I came across this photo while I was procrastinating on myvintagevogue.com.

I love everything about this look, from the casually turned up collar, the perfect shade of red lipstick on the cheeky smirk, the extended arch eyebrows to the simplicity of her dark blonde hair. And, obviously, the car. I believe this is Janet Leigh of The Manchurian Candidate/Hitchcock's 'Psycho' fame, but looking much less like the usual ice-queen with white-blonde hair (hence my difficulty in identifying her!) and all the more wholesome for it. I just wanted to post this because I thought it was quite inspiring, it's very much how I think I could look on a good day if I made the effort. 

C x

P.S. I've just deleted around half the old posts of the blog, which I had meant to do when I switched over from the old useyourtulle URL but hadn't gotten around to yet. I don't think anyone was ever reading them anyway, but just to let you know, because I want to streamline the blog a bit more towards budget shopping and charity shops. It feels like it could be my niche.

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