Black Swan

Divine. Engulfing. Terrifying. Black Swan may replace 'The Fountain' as my favourite Aronofsky film. I'm sure many people will disagree, and I know 'The Wrestler' had the most commercial success (*snort, until he finishes Wolverine 2, whaddajoke). I can't say much about it because it will ruin it for anyone going to see it, but I promise it's a visual, suspenseful treat. It feels very much like a 50s noir and there were a lot of neat wee tricks that Aronofsky obviously borrowed from them (like the use of mirrors and 'poison'). There was also, not to anyone's surprise, truck loads of tulle!


Natalie Portman was fantastic, and before even seeing most of the films which will probably get Oscar noms for Best Actress, I have her picked in my winner pool. She was really, really good. 

Here's a quick peek at the costume designers, but it sort of contains *spoilers*.

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