Oscar Results and Red Carpet Round-up

Well, well, well. I can reveal that I did in fact predict 9 Oscar winners correctly. And what did Rival Opponent predict? 9 also. So, by rules of the Oscar Prediction Gaming Society, no feet are to be rubbed in the event of such a tie. Gutting.

Picture: The Hurt Locker 
Actor in a Leading Role : Jeff Bridges
Actor in a Supporting Role : Christophe Waltz
Actress in a Leading Role: Sandra Bullock
Actress in a Supporting Role: Mo'Nique 
Animated Feature Film: Up
Cinematography: Avatar
Directing: Avatar The Hurt Locker
Documentary: The Cove
Foreign Language Film: A Prophet El Secreto de sus Ojos
Music (Original Score): Avatar Up
Music (Original Song): Nine - Take It All  Crazy Heart - The Weary Kind
Visual Effects: Avatar
Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Up in the Air Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire
Writing (Original Screenplay) : Inglourious Basterds The Hurt Locker

And let me warn you boys to just stop reading now. This is the part where I tear everyone's outfits apart and feel really good about myself for a couple of minutes then feel slightly bad because I'm sure they're all really nice people and they're all really talented and probably thought they were going to be the prettiest girl in the room. Ach:

Givenchy Couture
Did your Grandma ever have one of those knitted dolly things that covered up the spare loo-roll? Saldana's dress looks like Grandma's naughty cat jumped up on the cistern and knocked Miss Loo-Roll into the pan where the dress began to dye at the hands of the purple toilet block.

Giorgio Armani Privé
Bubble wrap! At 3.5 hours, who wouldn't want an interactive dress to bear them through the Oscars? Pop. Pop. Popopop.

Elie Saab Haute Couture
Okay, first real compliment: This dress is pretty gorgeous and super flattering on just about anyone. I'm positive it would have looked divine on someone with much darker skin, but it underwhelms against her near-match complexion. I want to see it in that striking purple she wore to the SAGs.

I LOVE the colour on her. Love it. But I am concerned as it appears a giant sea slug is in the throes of consuming dear Farmiga.

Jenny Packham
Drat. I had been planning really nice things to say about this dress all day, but all the photos I had seen were taken from the side. Then front-on appeared. 

I think the dress itself is stunning. She hits the the lingerie trend spot on, and the colour suits Cyrus' skin tone (take note, Kendrick). But why wear it a size too small? She has to shrug to stop any poppage outage, and even her teeny-weeny waist looks ready to split some seams. 

But seriously, gorgeous dress. 

I'm stuck for what to say other than I personally love this dress, although I know others disagree. I can't think of another dress that would have shown off Bullock's shiny hair as well as this one does. The magpies in Hollywood must be going mad.

Does anyone else have a problem with the colour of Carey's dress? It's matronly, and the cut of the top does nothing to balance out her already huge...shoulders. 

Getting tired? Let's all pause for a moment and admire the gorgeousness of Eli Roth:


Also, have you seen how skinny Suzy Amis is? Sheesh. 

Okay, finally, I have to mention these two dresses. 

Oscar de la Renta
From a distance, Diaz looks spectacular. But take a look up close. And while you're at it, take in Mulligan's (Prada).

It looks to me like Diaz and Mulligan were in some kind of freak accident involving Dad's toolbox and magnetic undergarments. 

Oh my gosh, how awesome would magnetic knickers be? You could keep all your coins safe under your dress thus minimising the amount of clutter in one's clutch! 

How does one apply for a patent?

(Images from Just Jared, IMDB and other random websites. Thanks!)

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