I had a wee holiday

I've been a bit rubbish with blogging all summer. It's something about having deadlines and work to do that makes me want to write from time to time escape it all. I start back at uni next week on a SECOND 4 year degree, so hopefully this keeps the inspiration flowing.

I recently went up to the north west of my beautiful country for a break from the hectic city of Edinburgh in the throes of its Festival frenzy. It was beautiful and silent.

I spent lots of quiet time at the beach looking for shells and driftwood.

I went up a hill with amazing views.

And on the way home we stopped at a loch which the old road south used to go past so is now sorta desolate and alien looking. We picked up bits of bog wood which I am going to make into some sort of display (pics to follow).

I barely spent any money, except in one lovely little shop in Drumbeg:
I bought the Misty Mountain soy candle, although everything smelled divine. Have a look at the online shop, the products are all natural and pure and lovely!

C x

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