A Wee Trip to Glasgow

I had a lovely anniversary in Glasgow last weekend. Budgetary restraints prevented us from travelling further afield, but we ended up having a swell time, and I founds lots of nice places to visit again next time. 

Tinderbox in the Merchant City was a great place to pop into for lunch, and probably breakfast, high tea, elevenses... The interior was designed by the company responsible for the stunning 'Tigerlilly' here in Edinburgh, so it was pretty swish and, like Tigerlilly, everything was priced with the added 'swank percentage'. I had a lovely hummus and roast veg sandwich, which I will definitely make again at home, what a great way to use up leftovers...

We were very lucky to manage to get a table at Jamie's Italian on Saturday night. There isn't a booking system, so you have to be prepared to queue for a while. Saturday night? Hour and a half. But the food and particularly the wine list is worth it. I had a stunning Sicilian Shiraz, which perfectly complemented my olives on ice (unbelievably good) and helped calm my mouth after the fiery arrabiata pasta sauce. It really was a treat.

Modern art wasn't my other half's thing, so I popped to the Gallery of Modern Art on my tod. It was in the process of installing a large new exhibition, so was a bit smaller than expected, but there's such a wide variety of things to see, and an awesome gift shop (ever the consumer...). 

 I am both embarrassed and proud of my shopping experience in Glasgow. I bought two key pieces from the new Primark SS'11 high fashion line (I squirm at the combination of those words with 'Primark'): a print skirt with tulle underskirt; and a wacky tea dress with a beach print (parasols, deck chairs). I also purchased James Franco's 'Palo Alto' short story collection, mostly because I am curious about how a young man can achieve so much so soon. I've only read the first couple, but it's impressive. Very impressive.

C x

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