Birds and TV

Apologies for not writing recently, things have been a bit hectic and then my Easter holidays started badly with food poisoning. Yuck. So I had a couple of days in jammies. Obviously, at some point, I was going to play dress-up-dollies on polyvore:

Also had some time to catch up on television/films. I finally got round to watching Precious: Based on... and let me tell you, if you haven't seen it yet, don't even attempt to watch it without a full box of tissues, that film will ravage your emotions until there are none left! If you're not down for that, go for The Blind Side, which is equally captivating but a heckuvalot happier.

On TV, Breaking Bad S3 has just started (excited, yup??); The Pacific, a new WWII drama by the same guys who did Band of Brothers; and How To Make It In America, a new HBO drama set in NY (where else?) about two gents attempting to break the male fashion scene.

The Pacific looks as though it will be just as rewarding a watch as BoB was. Very roughly, it's in the same format, starting and ending with interviews with actual veterans, but centered on the efforts of the Marines against the Japanese army on a small set of Pacific islands. Cue claustrophobic battle scenes, dizzying cuts from soldier to soldier, and lots of scary Japanese dudes. With swords.

How To Make It In America is probably not one for everyone. The obscure references to cult fashion brands certainly fly past me, but it's an interestingly realistic tale of how damn-near-impossible it is to be a success is in these high profile industries. It also randomly stars Kid Cudi of annoying 'Day'n'Nite' fame, but then HBO does always makes the weird work wonderfully.

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